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    VRBO.com is the nation's leading vacation rental by owner network - join today for 12 months at just $249!

    Why Choose VRBO?

    We know you have many options when deciding on a preferred vacation listing website.
    Here are a few reasons why 85,000 owners choose VRBO:

    VRBO delivers results.
    * Members receive an average of 90 inquiries per listing per year
    * More than 80 million travelers visit VRBO each year

    VRBO outpaces the competition.
    * Each month, travelers can find VRBO through more than 600,000 keyword searches on major search engines
    * Over 125,000 listings worldwide - the largest vacation rental-by-owner site on the Internet

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
    * VRBO guarantees that during the first year of membership, homeowners will receive paid rental bookings equal to at least 10 times the cost of membership.
    * If this guarantee is not met, the membership will be extended six months, FOR FREE.

    What Does VRBO Cost?
    VRBO is the most cost effective way to market a vacation rental property.
    Each listing includes the following features:
    * 12-month listing
    * 5 photos
    * Photos optimized by editing team
    * Online guestbook
    * Online calendar
    * 2 web links from the listing page

    Homeowners can access/manage their listing online 24/7
    ( Owner profile - Homeowners can add a unique profile to each listing
    Access to iTravex, the exclusive vacation home owner's travel club

    VRBO.com - Vacation Rentals by Owner
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