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    Think Right Now programs by Mike Brescia are designed to help you modify unwanted behavior. These unique in-home programs (CDs, audiotapes, and software) help people to quickly end chronic depression & panic without drugs, wipe out food addictions, build self-esteem, quit smoking, get organized, increase sales, keep more earnings, eliminate pain, and more. (See the entire product list below.) 

    Think Right Now

    Here are today's Think Right Now discounts and special offers that will allow you to try these unique behavior modification audios very inexpensively. (Keep in mind, you get a Risk-Free 6-Month Trial).

    Think Right Now Offer: For every 3 CD's or tapes you order, you get the 4th FREE
    If you order ANY 3 tapes or audio CD's at the same time, you can get another one of equal or lesser value absolutely free. In fact, for EVERY 3 audio tapes or CD's you order at the same time, you'll get 1 audio free. So an order of 6 gets 2 free, an order of 9 gets 3 free, etc
    No coupon code required. Click the link above for details.

    Read Think Right Now testimonials and hear audio interviews with clients.
    Think Right Now Programs include the following titles:

    ThinkRightNow Audio Programs
    Accelerated Sales Success Now!*
    Anger Management Now!* New
    Championship Caliber Golf Now! * New
    Conquering Social Anxiety Now! * New
    Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!
    Eating For Excellent Health Now!
    Effective Time Management Now!*
    End Procrastination Now!*
    Fearless Public Speaking Now!*
    Financial Abundance Now!*
    Freedom From Depression Now!
    I Am Healed Now!
    I Am Organized Now
    I Am Smoke Free Now!
    I Love Exercising Now!
    Infinite Joy Now!
    Laser-Focused Concentration Now! New
    Real Self-Esteem Now!*
    Real Self-Esteem Now! (9-13 yrs)
    Setting & Achieving Goals Now!
    Supreme Confidence Now!
    The Leader's Mindset Now! * New
    Tranquil Sleep Now! New
    Unstoppable Motivation Now!
    Win Friends & Influence People Now!*
    * Counts as 2 toward your 3 for a FREE 4th tape/CD

    ThinkRightNow Software
    Think Right Now! for Windows
    No matter what you're doing on your PC,
    it's making every minute a self-help minute.

    ThinkRightNow Music
    Think Right Now! Music
    The most soothing music is now ALL 60 beats per
    minute throughout. Increase alpha brain waves.
    Hear long samples of all compositions.

    ThinkRightNow Math
    Easy Addition Mastery Now!
    Easy Subtraction Mastery Now!
    Easy Multiplication Mastery Now!

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