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    Social Deals - How to Use Social Media to Find Good Deals, Fast
    Saving money using the internet is easy - provided you know where to look. Here's all you need to know to get started.

    Easy and Inexpensive Halloween Party Games for Kids
    Whether you're throwing a Halloween party in your home this year, or you're simply in charge of games for your child's elementary school Halloween celebration, you need some inexpensive and easy ideas. Here are 8 favorites, sure to delight all your little monsters.

    7 Easy Ways to Earn a Little Extra Money
    In today's economy, every little bit of extra money helps. The online world makes a variety of opportunities available to you, whether you have a little bit of time to spend on a side venture – or a lot. Here are 7 easy ways to earn extra money.

    Party Cheap! 5 Ways to Entertain without Busting Your Budget or Losing Your Mind
    Throwing a party (or even just having a few friends over for dinner) is one of those things many of us tend to put off. Whether it’s the stress or the expense of the event that’s making you drag your feet, here are five ways to party cheap and entertain your friends without busting your budget – or losing your mind.

    Grocery Store Savings Secrets – 8 Ways to Save Today
    Grocery store spending can comprise a huge chunk of your family’s budget. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest places you can cut back your spending and save money. Here are 8 must-know tips that will save you big at checkout.

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