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    Learn more about eDiets with our eDiets Review:

    eDiets is a little different from the other online weight programs. Essentially, what you have here is a marketplace for different online diets.

    You choose your diet and specify the results you want, and they provide tools to help you get there. The general idea is that the same diet isn’t going to work for every single one of us. So you get a variety of plans to choose from. That way, no matter how much you need to lose – or what your special dietary needs are - you will be better prepared to achieve success.

    The details of each diet will vary depending on which diet you choose. For instance, say you just want to reduce the number of calories you consume and amp up your exercise, there’s a plan for that. But if you want to focus more on the Glycemic Index of foods and learn how to use foods and nutrition to better manage moods, there’s a plan for that. Or maybe you are interested in learning more about the healthy, Mediterranean diet with lots of fresh, whole, unprocessed foods. There’s a plan for that, too.

    If you aren’t sure which eDiets program is right for you, take the FREE eDiets Profile. eDiets will recommend a plan for you based on your answers.

    What you should know about eDiets

    eDiets actually offers from more than 20 plans to choose from. These include plans that cater to diabetics, low carb, etc.

    The eDiets system also includes a personal trainer and a dietician to answer your questions. And because the system is totally online, you don’t need to attend weight loss meetings.

    The amount of weight you can lose on eDiets will depend on your choice of plan, of course. Some plans, such as the South Beach Diet, say you can lose as much as 13 pounds in the first two weeks (the detoxification phase.)

    Will I need to exercise with this diet?

    Again, every weight loss plan is different. But the program does provide a personal trainer for you. You’ll also have access to videos that will give you pointers on exercises and techniques.
    What does the diet plan cost?

    eDiets is a paid plan that is billed quarterly. At the time of this writing, eDiets members pay about $4.49 USD per week for the use of online communities, dieticians, trainers, meal plans and more.

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